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About Rate & Term Refinances

What is a rate and term refinance? This is when you refinance just to change the interest rate and the term of your mortgage. You aren't pulling out any cash or equity - you are hopefully just looking to get a better deal for yourself. Your new interest rate will depend on how much money you are borrowing and for what length of time. Mortgage companies use something called a 'loan to value' ratio to calculate this. For instance, if you had an $80,000 home and an existing mortgage of $40,000, you would have a loan to value ratio of 50%. If you are looking to just lower your rate on your mortgage then contact on of our Mortgage Experts to help you achieve a lower mortgage rate. You can contact a Mortgage Professional by competing the contact form below. If you want to get approved for a refinance you can complete the Quick Application below and get started on your path to a lower mortgage rate.


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