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Today's biggest obstacle when purchasing a home usually comes down to down payment. Many potential homebuyers think that they need 20% down or some sort of down payment in order to buy a home. This misconception has lead to many throwing in the towel on home ownership altogether. Don't be fooled, there are options available for you to purchase a home even if you do not have a down payment. The Mortgage Solutions TEAM has access to Down Payment Assistance Programs such as federal grants, HART Funds, state grants, county grants, city grants for people looking to buy a home but do not have a down payment. You have heard about these programs but very few mortgage professionals actually know how to get the money for their clients so they discount the fact that these programs even exist. The Mortgage Solutions TEAM of professionals helps clients with these programs on a daily basis so they understand how the programs work and how to get their customers approved for these funds.


If you're buying a home in Utah, you might be able eligible to receive a free gift of money to help with the purchase of your home. Below is a list of areas that the Mortgage Solutions TEAM has access to grant programs that can be used as a down payment and/or closing costs. There are too many programs to list all of them. Contact the Mortgage Solutions TEAM to find out all of your options.



County                                                                    City                                                          Amount


Weber                                                                  Ogden                                                      $5,000

Davis                                                                    All Cities                                                  $2,000

Salt Lake                                                             Sandy                                                       $10,000

                                                                             Kearns                                                      $10,000

                                                                             Magna                                                       $10,000

                                                                             Murray                                                       $7,500

                                                                             Salt Lake City                                           $5,000

                                                                             Taylorsville                                                 $5,000

                                                                             West Valley City                                       $5,000

Utah                                                                     Provo                                                         $5,000

                                                                             Most Cities (except Provo)                     $15,000

Tooele                                                                  All Cities                                                   $2,000

Cache                                                                  Logan                                                        $7,500



If you don't see your area listed it does not mean that there is not programs to help you. Contact one of our experts at 801-716-5246 today to find out more about the programs in your area.


Additional programs for:


  • First time home buyers
  • Veterans
  • Single Parents with one or more children
  • Sweat Equity
  • Rural Housing
  • Mutual Self-Help Housing Loans



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